Written By: Brian Murray

At Rathje Woodward, we are representing the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin in a voter registration dispute in Wisconsin.  We also are representing Dr. Carter Page and his businesses in a defamation action against the DNC.  Some have questioned why we represent both sides of the political spectrum.

The answer is simple:  justice matters.  Justice trumps individual political views or ideas.  And everyone is entitled to justice.  That is why Rathje has a “good government” practice.   We regularly represent the interests of government entities, but also represent private sector interests when governments transgress the law.  Be it enforcing prisoner rights, or protecting a business’ intellectual property rights, it’s all about justice.

At Rathje Woodward, we represent businesses, individuals and governments in a wide range of issues and disputes.  Regardless of the client, regardless of the subject matter, we serve justice by zealously representing the interests of our clients.  If you would like to learn more about how we can serve your interests, contact one of our attorneys, including Brian Murray, Charles Philbrick, Doug Poland or Tim Elliott at 630-668-8500. Our online contact form may be found here.

For more information regarding Rathje Woodward’s litigation practice and its attorneys, please visit www.rathjelaw.com.