The outline linked below will provide an overview of the law of precedent (the principle of “stare decisis”). It will discuss the origins of the law, its scope and application.

Precedent in the Czech Republic starts with answering the question of whether it is a “source of law”. In the 1900’s many judges maintained that case law was not binding and therefore did not matter. The work of the judge was thought of as primarily mechanical. Khun, Towards a Sophisticated Theory of Precedent? Prospective and Retrospective Overruling in the Czech Legal System. P.4 Charles University Law School (2015).

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Presented to 25th Annual John Marshall Law School Legal Study Trip to the Czech Republic October 11-23, 2017 Prague & Brno, Czech Republic

The author wishes to thank Sandra L. Engberg for her invaluable assistance in the preparation of this outline.

Written by R. Terrence Kalina

Terence Kalina 2018

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